Thrifting Wish List

  • Black or dark grey garden hoses: I want them to disappear against the house but this house did come with a couple ugly bright green ones. Note: have tried spray painting one, we’ll see if it makes it through a whole season . . .
  • Barn door wheels, or barn door kit. Update: Found it!!!! $20 for two 1915 pulleys at an estate sale. Now it’s time to get that door hung: DIY Sliding Barn Door Hardware.

    $10 each! And I had to think twice about it!
    $10 each! And I had to think twice about it!
  • Folding luggage rack for guests: got cats, guest suitcases need to be off the ground. Amazon has one new for $20-$25. Update: Found it at the Youth Ranch thrift store for $4.
  • Gentleman’s Butler: I want a place to toss my clothes that I’ll probably wear again tomorrow. Don’t want it in the closet with the truly clean clothes. For now, maybe forever I’ll use the rickety but pretty chair Grandpa built. Love the valet idea but the chair is probably more functional. Will use that until . . .
  • Outdoor rocker: want, not a need, already have seating, this is to charm up the yard
  • Better lighting for guest room.  Currently a builder grade nipple light, which makes the ceiling look lower. Found at the ReStore for $10! Vintage chandelier

  •  Frames for jewelry organizers, no glass, wood. Got em! Prices ranged from $0.50-$5.
  • Pretty $5 wall mirrors, not cookie cutter. Three down! Still worth looking for
  • Fabulous planters, other outdoor
  • Tomato cage, obelisk, something to give that pesky seventh tomat some structure
  • Vintage light for foyer. Gotta be right priced. Found it! $10
  • Free dirt for the raised bed boxes I made from D&D’s gifted redwood
  • Crystals, real ones, to make a chandelier
  • Seriously great paper cutter
  • Excellent condition carpet shampooer
  • Super cheap but great old kitchen cabinets to expand workspace in garage workshop
  • Shop vac that actually works (mine is cursed)
  • Bike rack for garage, am sick of hoisting onto those huge hooks
  • Plants for landscaping, if free and pretty. Got some! Day lilies! Always want more.
  • Pavers to make a better front door path, grey, cottagy
  • Gas fireplace (stand-alone) for basement
  • New stove, gas or induction top. No falling off handle.
  • New fridge, bottom freezer. With all shelves and bins.
  • Trunk for base of bed in basement bedroom.
  • Lumber, cedar, redwood, handy size pine
  • American flag, if pretty. Found a lovely one at an estate sale for fifty cents!

    Only fifty cents at a garage sale. No icky poly, wonderful fabric.
    Only fifty cents at a garage sale. No icky poly, wonderful fabric.


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