The Interim Kitchen Overview

Like many, I’ve got a kitchen I didn’t love when I got this house. But a major, beautiful overhaul to turn it into the kitchen of my dreams is just not in the cards anytime soon. Despondent (okay, not really), I decided to write up the kitchen of my dreams and then see what I could do to get closer to it incrementally. This section journals those adventures.

What’s an ideal kitchen for the little egg house:

  • Plenty of natural light
  • Generally light and bright, with pretty, inspiring lighting
  • Storage
  • Easy access to everything
  • Well functioning, attractive appliances
  • Easy access to laundry
  • Pretty, solid surface counters & attractive backsplash
  • Eat in/hang out spot
  • Mud room style entry
  • Great lighting
  • Wood or tile floors that flow nicely with wood floors
  • Classic look and feel, suitable for a small 1947 cottage

Okay, so my list looks a lot like everyone else’s. There are some limitations natural to a 1947 cottage. For example, it’s always going to be a laundry closet and not a laundry room, unless I want to banish laundry and myself to the basement.

What I started with:

  • One window, one dark kitchen door, one dark basement doors
  • Mismatched pantry doors
  • Horrible overhead tube lighting but a light over the sink and stove
  • Low ceiling
  • Pointless sofits, highlighting the already too low ceiling
  • Old cabinets, not space optimizers, but sturdy enough
  • Laundry closet that doesn’t quite close
  • Stackable washer and dryer from old house
  • Pantry cabinet with odd door
  • Hideousness of lineoluem highlighted by adjacency to nice wood floors
  • Unfunctional faucet over stainless sink
  • Older, white appliances with issues
  • Peninsula with room for a little seating
  • Generally spacious room size
  • Laminate counters with unmatching backsplash

So, not all bad, even some good bones to work with. I budgeted out the dream kitchen and it’s really not in the cards. So here, I’m showcasing the work I’m doing to make this space become a happy-to-be-in room.

Please stay tuned for project-by-project posts on the Interim Kitchen.

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