Another $10 Vintage Light!

Refreshing my entry way made me aware of how much I disliked the light in the little alcove. It wasn’t awful, just . . . not right. This house, with its pretty cove ceilings was crying out for something a little more special, a little more welcoming than the renter’s special jar light that functioned there. That said, in this Minnipin house (low ceilings), possibilities were limited.

Garage sailing really can pay off, if you keep your standards high and your wallet closed until something special comes along.

Hunting for cheap vegetables, I swung by a moving and plant sale one Saturday morning. Got to talking to the lovely gardener who was packing up and moving out of state to be closer to her daughter. June blooming organic strawberry plants, six for $5 seemed like a great deal. And of course, while I was there anyway, casting an eye over a little table covered with trinkets was just automatic.

I almost missed it! But there it was. A welcoming looking little pineapple shaped light with little crystals at the frond tips. Small enough to fit with the low ceilings of this Minnipin house, it looked like it could be original to this 1947 house.

Here's the moving sale light!
Here’s the moving sale light!

And here it now is in my little entry alcove. I love the swirly light it casts in this little space.

Pineapple light says "welcome!"
Pineapple light says “welcome!” Sorry it’s such a grainy shot. Kind of hard to get in this small space.
All lit up! Bright and swirly.
All lit up! Bright and swirly.


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