$5 Mirror Makeover

I’m learning to thrift. That means evolving the way I think about value and need. It also means honing the ability to see good bones in pieces.

There’s a basement in this silly little egg house. It’s not naturally pretty so I’m on a mission to make it a warmer, more inviting space to be in. One item on my shopping list was inexpensive small mirrors with a little character. The goal: add interest, warmth, light.

I spotted this mirror at the same estate sale where I scored my barn door pulleys. Marked at $10, it just wasn’t the amazing find that the pulleys were so I reluctantly put it back.

It did have a 70s vibe I didn’t love with rustic wood and a primitive etched wood design. I did love the pretty edges, and was intrigued by the cutout that could be used as a candle holder.

Nice little rustic wood framed mirror with plant shelf
Nice little rustic wood framed mirror with plant shelf

2015-04-18 13.54.59

Many estate sales here do a half-off final day of sale and this one was no exception. I trotted back on the Sunday to see if the black hose I wanted was still there (nope), and saw that the mirror still was.

At $5 now, it was right priced for a little project.

Sanding, cleaning, DIY chalk paint and a little finishing wax later and voila!

Chalk paint to the rescue!
Chalk paint to the rescue!

This little guy sits on the wall between the basement guest room and the cat room. My hope is that the scented candle in my favorite scent (Volcano), will help manage the occasional cat odor that gets past the closed door. It’s a spark of cheery red against the pale yellow of the basement walls.

What do you think? What’s the right price for a thrifted mirror? What would you do differently?


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