4th of July and a Boise Moment

I’m a patriot, and a fan of July 4th though our current environment of privacy abuse and the expanded powers of bullies worries me greatly.

Ahem, this is not just because I read “Little Brother” or watched Citizenfour or am addicted to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. But okay, I admit, they raise my awareness without boring me to tears so THANK YOU!

This holiday, my sister W was visiting and we hit the July 4th parade downtown. Not much to write home about parade-wise, but it does give you that 4th feeling. In the 100 degree heat, my nephew and I were sprawled in front of the capitol on the sidewalk, in a bit of shade while W and niece were trolling for candy thrown from the floats (good swag, Idaho Atheists and Hare Krishnas!). Nephew was unabashedly ignoring parade in favor of an electronic device and I was just lolling, with our half drunk lemonade cups strewn about.

I look up to see an officer of the law looming. Instantly I flash back to when another sister got censured for dipping her feet in the reflecting pool in DC one hot August midnight (that’s you, Toad). I wonder if I’m going to get cited for littering (not guilty, we’re still drinking those! And then we’re recycling, officer!). Maybe no one is supposed to just sit at the capitol without a permit. Maybe every electronic device is a suspected bomb switch so my nephew is about to lose his most prized posession.  After all, we are on high security alert at the airports this weekend. Ack!

Officer leans down and says, “Ma’am, I don’t know if you know this already but . . .” I tense. He continues, “the Capitol building is open today until five.  It’s cool there and there are water fountains inside.” Then he walks away to terrify someone else with this information.

And here’s a Boise fun fact: the pretty Capitol building, which is modeled on the one in D.C., is the only geothermically (sp?) heated capitol in the U.S. Just call us the Pompeii of the continental U.S.!

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